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How to use MOI self-service machines in Qatar

MOI self-service machines in Qatar

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The Government of Qatar is committed its streamlining paperwork and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy. In addition to being ablekiosk to complete many services electronically through Hukoomi, citizens and residents also have the option of using the Ministry of Interior self-service machine.

This self-service machine allows you to make inquiries and you can complete a number of services and transactions round-the-clock, so you are not restricted by the MOI’s working hours.

What services can you avail through the self-service machine?
The self-service machine is very helpful if you want to avail the following services:

1. Personal information : You can check the expiry date of your ID Card, passport, residence permit or driving license.

2. Residence permit : You can renew the residence permits of sponsored workers or family members who are under personal sponsorship.

3. Exit permit : You can issue exit travel permits for sponsored workers or Qatari minors (for Qataris only).

4. Traffic violation : You can check for any traffic fines and pay the fine through the machine.

5. Smart card : You can activate, renew, update services or change the password on a Smart Card.

6. e-Gate card : You can activate or renew your e-Gate card.

7. Visa transfer : You can transfer a sponsored person’s or a dependent’s visa to another passport.

8. Travel permit : You can apply for a permit to drive a Qatari licensed vehicle outside the country.

9. Follow up :You can request for a follow-up on previously filed applications.

Is it safe to use the self-service machine?
Yes, it is safe and secure to use the self-service machine. It is designed to ensure your private information is protected at all costs.

When you insert your Qatar ID card or Smart Card into the machine, you will have to confirm your identity through one of the following ways:

Iris scan

It is very easy to use the self-service machine. It provides you easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions for all its services.

For paying traffic fines or making other payments, the machine accepts debit cards and credit cards.


Insert your Qatar ID card or Smart Card.
Confirm your identity through password or iris scan.
Select the language you want.
Select the service you want (personal-public sector) ad follow he step-by-step instructions.
If you need to make a transaction, insert your debit card or credit card, enter the password for your debit card or credit cards and receive the transaction receipt.
Print completed transactions (If applicable).
Remove your debit card or credit card and your ID card or Smart Card.
Service complete.

Self-service machines are available at the following locations around Doha:

Main post office
Landmark Mall
Villaggio Mall
Royal Plaza
Doha International Airport
Lulu Hypermarket – airport branch
Ministry of Interior headquarters
MOI services building at Mesaimeer
MOI Traffic Department
Police Training Institute
Education City Health Club
MOI Administrative Building

Info courtesy  : Hookumi